2020 | The beginnings

Oreille Cassée is a project that was born during the quarantine of 2020, on an ordinary afternoon when I found some old beads at home to make earrings and started experimenting, creating pieces from the ideas that crossed my mind. My desire to create kept increasing since that day, and I started looking for more materials to let my imagination soar. After some time, really cool things were coming together, and I decided to start sharing the creations with the world. The result was the brand Oreille Cassée. 


2021 | Next Chapter

For the firsts months, Oreille Cassée was my personal project, which grew progressively with a lot of work, dedication, and love. In January 2021, a new stage was waiting for the brand and myself as I was going to Paris for a study exchange. I saw this new stage as a sign that it was time to focus on other projects, and I temporarily set Oreille Cassée aside, knowing deep down that I would eventually pick up that project that made me so happy.


2023 | Pursuing Passion

Once that stage was over, and after traveling almost for 3 months through Latin America, I convinced myself that it was time to go back to what had made me so happy in the past. Giving a chance to grow and giving the 10000% to make it work.

So here we are, two years after the creation of Oreille Cassée, eager to make it grow and see what the future holds for us!

Thanks to all those who supported me in the beginning, and thanks in advance to all those who will support it <3

This is taking off...

See you soon,


 Oreille Cassée Jewelry brand, model REA